The project STREAM~LAND supports the implementation of the Integrative River Basin Management in Austria, which will be implemented in the years to come all over the federal territory on the basis of the so-called water development and risk management concept (Gewässerentwicklungs- und Risikomanagementkonzept GE-RM).

The project aims at the preparation of the development and implementation in those regions, where flood protection measures and measures to improve the ecological status are needed at the same time.

Up to now subordinate planning projects e.g. in the form of Water Development Concepts (Gewässerentwicklungskonzepte GEK), regional studies or Water Care Concepts (Gewässerbetreuungskonzepte GBK) have taken place on several Austrian rivers. The Water Development and Risk Management Concept (GE-RM) is based on these various planning instruments, and extends them by clearly focusing on those areas and waters, where there is need for action with respect to flood risk management and water development or where in future decisive effects on the conditions in terms of protective hydraulic engineering and hydro-morphology are to be expected.

The focus of water development (GE) is on an overall spatial approach, requiring the cooperation of several parties - apart from water management/water protection and protective water management/hydraulic engineering and/or torrent and avalanche control, many other fields and interest groups living and working in a river basin area - are involved. First and foremost regional planning, nature conservation (including protected areas), water rights and utilisations, agriculture and forestry, tourism/the recreational function, as well as the communities as representatives of the broad population, and hunting and fisheries play a crucial role in this context.

published at 09.10.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)