Tourism Statistics

Tourism is an important sector of the Austrian economy and has a crucial influence on income, employment and regional development. National and international figures, data and facts are presented in this section.

  • National data

    Tourism is important to Austria's economy, contributing 8.8 % (in 2016) to its GDP. According to the Austrian Tourism Satellite Accounts, domestic and foreign guests spent over 40 billion euros in 2016. The added value of tourism (direct and indirect) accounts for more than 30 billion euros. Tourism contributes positively to the Austrian balance of payments.

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  • International data

    Austria, even as a relatively small country, successfully reached a remarkable position in the global competition.

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  • Austrian statistical system

    Statistics Austria (STAT) - the Austrian statistical office - has collected data about tourism for some 130 years. The tourism and travel data compiled by STAT comprises four core areas: accommodation, travel habits, travel balance of payments and satellite systems (TSA).

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