Strategic Issues

The Austrian tourism policy has been encouraging high-quality tourism for several years now. An absolutely prerequisite for high-service-quality is a sound tourism education and training system. Moreover the creation of sustainable tourism products and the support of ethics in tourism are essential to enhance quality in all areas of tourism throughout the year.

  • Digitisation

    Digital transformation - one of the major challenges for tourism. New business models emerge and existing concepts need comprehensive adaptation.

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  • Sustainable Tourism

    In order to stay competitive in tourism, all three pillars of sustainable development have to be taken into account - ecological, economical and sociocultural sustainability.

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  • Mobility

    In order to effectively deal with the challenges that the tourism sector is facing in terms of mobility (e.g. more short term trips, "use"- instead of "own"-mentality, demographic changes, capacity restrictions especially in sensitive areas as the Alps), the ministry has started several initiatives to improve the linkage between tourism and transport: conferences, workshops, publications.

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  • Tourism Education

    Worldwide, the tourism and leisure industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, which is why there is a growing demand for committed and qualified staff. The most important skills for a successful career in tourism are: enthusiasm for working with people, foreign language skills, flexibility, being able to work under pressure, and intercultural openness.

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