Tourism is important to Austria´s economy and a major employer. Austria has turned into one of the leading tourism destinations worldwide. The reasons for this are diverse: the majestic Alps, beautiful rivers and lakes, its cities, richness of culture and culinary art. Hospitality and service quality in small family businesses with tight regional bonds add to a unique tourism experience.

  • Organisational Structure

    Although the Federal Provinces have the legislative and executive competencies for tourism affairs, tourism is a cross-cutting sector, for which both federal and European laws apply.

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  • Contact Points

    In search of Austrian tourism services and partners?

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  • Austrian statistical system

    Statistics Austria (STAT) - the Austrian statistical office - has collected data about tourism for some 130 years. The tourism and travel data compiled by STAT comprises four core areas: accommodation, travel habits, travel balance of payments and satellite systems (TSA).

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  • Sustainable Tourism

    In order to stay competitive in tourism, all three pillars of sustainable development have to be taken into account - ecological, economical and sociocultural sustainability.

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