• 5G Strategy

    This present strategy aims at achieving the rollout of the 5G mobile communications standard with optimised framework conditions, and aims at harnessing the associated opportunities for citizens, the economy, industry and science.

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  • Broadband Strategy 2030

    Austria’s Path to the Gigabit Society

    The Austrian government is strongly committed to the nationwide availability of gigabit connections and has set the goal of fundamentally revising the current Broadband Strategy 2020.

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  • Telecommunications Market in Austria


    Until 1 May 1996, the Austrian telecommunications service was part of the federal administration; it belonged to the Postal and Telegraph Administration (PTV), which was under the authority of the Ministry for Transport. On 1 May 1996, the PTV was separated from the federal administration and converted into a joint-stock company (AG) under the name Post und Telekom Austria AG.

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  • Telecommunications policy

    Austria and the European Union

    The telecommunications industry is playing an increasingly crucial role in economic and social development. The availability of a good and affordable telecommunications infrastructure and, associated with this, a widening range of telecommunications services and applications at internationally competitive prices are decisive corporate location factors.

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  • National Roadmap 700 MHz frequency band

    According to Article 5 of Decision (EU) 2017/899 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

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