Telecommunications and Postal Services

As from the entry-into-force of the Amendment to the Austrian Federal Ministries Act (“Bundesministeriengesetz“), the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism has also been responsible for broadband deployment, telecommunications and postal services – areas that had before been within the competence of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. These agendas are of overriding importance to the future-oriented development of rural areas and strong, vibrant regions.

  • 5G Strategy

    This present strategy aims at achieving the rollout of the 5G mobile communications standard with optimised framework conditions, and aims at harnessing the associated opportunities for citizens, the economy, industry and science.

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  • Austrian Postal System

    Until 1 May 1996, Österreichische Post AG, as the Austrian postal service is called today, was part of the federal administration; then known as the Postal and Telegraph Administration (Post- und Telegraphenverwaltung - PTV), it was the responsibility of the Ministry for Transport.

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