Gernot Maier is new Secretary General

Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger entrusted Gernot Maier with the function of the new Secretary General of the “Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism”.

In a few weeks, the Ministry will be renamed as the “Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism”. Maier will perform the function of the Secretary General in addition to his present tasks as the Head of the Cabinet of the Federal Minister and will head the administration of the Ministry in close coordination with the Head of the Chief Executive Department, Reinhard Mang.

Maier is 38 years old, comes from Salzburg, and assisted also the Federal Minister of the transitional government, Maria Patek, as Head of the Cabinet. “I am convinced that, with his experience and expertise, the new arrangements and the development of our Ministry with its new competences will take place with a high degree of caution and great professionalism”, Federal Minister Köstinger says.

published at 14.01.2020, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)