Mining Information System – BergIS

According to Section 185 of the Mineral Raw Materials Act (Mineralrohstoffgesetz, MinroG) the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism has to keep priority notices on all mining rights, together with survey maps of those areas to which they refer, and to make certain data freely available on the Internet.

In order to comply with these requirements, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism operates the geoportal BergIS, which comprises at the moment the following maps:

  • Exploration areas
  • Mining rights
  • Mineral resources owned by the Federal Government
  • Extraction operations plans
  • Prospecting licences

This geoportal enables a query of the attribute data (person holding mining rights, mineral resource) on the indicated rights, a targeted search for administrative units and/or attribute data, as well as the printing of the map presentations. Apart from the presentation directly on the geoportal the data are also made available as OGC Web Map Service (WMS).

 The data of the geoportal are only destined for the purpose of general information and reference is explicitly made to Section 185, para. 2 Mineral Raw Materials Act, as amended.

published at 08.06.2020, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)