Interactive Raw Material Information System

The Interactive Raw Material Information System IRIS Online is the updated web version of the Metallogenic Map of Austria (Metallogenetischen Karte von Österreich) 1:500.000, which was originally published in 1997, and the accompanying explanatory publication entitled “Manual of Deposits of Ores, Industrial Minerals and Energy Raw Materials” (Handbuch der Lagerstätten der Erze, Industrieminerale und Energierohstoffe).

The query system provides simultaneous interactive access to various levels of information. The following is available in the way of basic information:

  • Geological Overview Map (Geologische Übersichtskarte) 1:500.000 - WEBER (ed.) 1997; digital processing by the Geological Survey of Austria.
  • Metallogenic Map of Austria Including Industrial Minerals and Energy Raw Materials (Metallogenetische Karte von Österreich unter Einbeziehung der Industrieminerale und Energierohstoffe) 1:500.000 - WEBER (ed.) 1997. The map depicts 3.394 deposit sites of raw materials, supplemented by 2.791 quotations from scientific publications and 728 photographs and maps of deposits.
  • Geochemical Atlas of the Republic of Austria (Geochemischer Atlas der Republik Österreich) 1:1 million (THALMANN et al. 1989) and the results of all follow-up studies in eight federal states (Federal Testing and Research Centre Arsenal, ARC Seibersdorf, Geological Survey of Austria 1994-2009). 33,506 individual samples with 33 elements classified and plotted, supplemented by depictions of anomalies (highest element class) and a map depicting the results of principal component analysis (9 factors).
  • Aeromagnetic Map of the Republic of Austria (Aeromagnetische Karte der Republik Österreich) 1:1 million (SEIBERL 1991). In measurement flights with aeroplanes, the total intensity of the earth’s magnetic field was measured at a profile interval of 2 kilometres every 50 metres over the entire federal territory. A total of approximately 1 million measurement datasets from various altitudes are available, with the results depicted using chloropleth and isoline maps.
  • Topographical data (Topographische Daten) 1:50.000, 1:500.000 from the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (water network, layout) and relief map 1:2 million.

The system allows queries on raw material deposits in Austria (geological and tectonic setting, form, orientation and surrounding rock) with the option of simultaneously displaying the results of the geochemical and geophysical land survey.

The Interactive Raw Material Information System IRIS Online, one of the world’s leading raw material information systems, should be regarded as Austria’s contribution to pillar 2 of the European Commission’s Raw Materials Initiative.

published at 10.01.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)