Internet Platform Forest meets School - The Diversity of Forests at one click

With the internet platform “FOREST meets SCHOOL” the communication hub between schools, forest organisations and providers of forest-relevant documents is now being launched. Here you find a comprehensive offer of teaching materials around the topic of forests for teachers and interested persons.

Our forest is multifunctional

The forest safeguards green jobs, is a living environment, protects against natural hazards and provides resources and energy. It is a traditional and, at the same time an innovative economic engine. With its ecosystem it contributes actively to climate protection. It offers a habitat to plants and animals and recreation to humans. The demand for the resource nature has never before been bigger than it is today. Different socio-political values on the issue of forest and, first and foremost, the rising demands of the society constitute a great challenge for the multifunctional forestry services. At the same time the knowledge about the multifarious forest functions and effects is decreasing. Therefore it is necessary to inform the people about the versatile function of the forest and its wide range of services.  

Bundled knowledge

From now on the variety of topics concerning forests can be retrieved by one click. A great number of materials is now available for immediate use in teaching or home schooling - and this for all school levels. The varied offer has been collected, organised, and examined by experts. In this way the forest enriches teaching and, moreover, educational know-how meets increasingly forestry know-how. The project was initiated by agricultural and forestry enterprises and constitutes a close alliance between organisations from the forestry, environmental, economic and educational sectors. 

published at 25.08.2020, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)