Forest funding in the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme

Forestry is an integral part of rural development. The funding of sustainable and climate-friendly land use also comprises the development of forest areas and/or the sustainable management of forests.

By way of the Austrian Rural Development Programme, Regulation (EU) no. 1305/2013 is transposed into national law and sustainable development is promoted. For this purpose, the European Union, together with the Federal Government and the Federal Provinces, is providing sizeable funds. The funding supports forest managers in fulfilling the various demands and requirements placed upon them.

The Special Directive of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management that constitutes the national legal basis for implementing the forest-related measures of Rural Development 14-20 as well as further information that is relevant for the programme can be found under the heading of Special directives and selection criteria.

What can be applied for?

Among other things, the following is promoted: training courses and events for accompanying vocational training, initial and further training for the improvement of professional qualification, forestry demonstration projects and information measures and forestry exchange programmes and tours of forestry holdings, forestry infrastructure in the forest, the cultural and natural heritage and measures to promote environmental awareness, measures in the area of protection against natural hazards, reafforestation, forest protection measures; projects enhancing resilience, the ecological value and/or measures for the preservation and improvement of genetic resources; the Forest Ecology Programme, forest-related plans at company and intercompany level, new forestry procedures, products and technologies; measures for the preservation of ecological and/or rare forest areas and forest communities in the framework of land subsidisation.

Where can applications be sent to?

According to indirect federal administration, forestry funding is handled by the forestry funding bodies of the Federal Provinces, with the exception of projects involving several provinces or projects that are relevant at a federal level.


The “Granting bodies” of the respective provincial or federal services are responsible for funding.

Available funds:

For the entire 2014 – 2020 funding period, overall EUR 280 mio. are available.

published at 06.09.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)