Bark beetle monitoring

Extreme weather conditions in past years have caused massive infestation with bark beetle in domestic forests. continuously provides current information on the infestation Situation.

Agriculture and forestry are particularly seriously affected by climate change. The forest is not only an important economic factor but also has many other functions, for example as protective forest, climate protector and recreational area. Only a healthy forest is able to provide these services.

Bark beetle monitoring is a crucial point in the control of bark beetles in Austria. It is carried out by the Austrian Forest Research Centre and installed together with the provincial forest authorities and the forest advisors of the Chambers of Agriculture in order to inform affected and interested forest owners about the current flying situation of major bark beetle species. is thus indispensable in assessing and combating the situation. For, due to high summer temperatures, two or even three beetle generations may develop.

published at 25.08.2020, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)