GENial - Forests in climate change

The new film "GENial – Der Wald im Klimawandel"! The project “GENial” on the situation of forests in climate change, their adaptation and protection through the management of genetic resources illustrates the current knowledge on climate change and the possibilities for the adaptation of forests.

Climate change represents the greatest challenge sustainable forest management is confronted with in Central Europe.

Film presentation

On 12 April 2018 the project partners presented the film "GENial – Der Wald im Klimawandel" (GENial - Forests in climate change) at the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

Josef Plank, Secretary-General at the BMNT, explained:

“It is our task to adapt forests to climate change, also to support forest owners in their efforts to this end, for example in connection with the selection of trees, by means of suitable, site-appropriate tree species selection, well-structured planting,  suitable regulatory measures and, of course, by reducing the stress caused by game. Where game populations are too large, this of course poses pressure on forests which is then intensified by climate change. Seen that way, there are numerous measures we could take to make forests climate-fit. This is the task we need to fulfil together with forest owners.”

The film

The film and the accompanying brochure explain the impacts of climate change in an easily understandable way and offer possible solutions for natural area management and for the conservation and improvement of biodiversity in the forest ecosystem.

published at 06.09.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)