LIFE 2014-2020 is the current programme for the environmental and climate policy of the EU. New is the sub-programme “climate”.

LIFE is the only EU funding programme in the current subsidisation period which exclusively subsidizes environmental and nature conservation projects.

LIFE aims at contributing to the implementation and the further development of the environmental policy and at advancing the sustainable development in the EU.

LIFE 2014-2020 is the follow-up programme of LIFE + New in the current programme are:

  • The sub-programme on climate policy
  • The clear definition of priorities by means of multi-annual working programmes, which are established in consultation with the Member States
  • The possibility to carry out major projects: These “integrated projects” can contribute to raising EU, national and private funds for environmental and climate goals.

The sub-programme environment supports measures in the following fields of action:

  • Environment and Resource Efficiency”
    More innovative solutions for a better implementation of environmental policy and integration of environmental goals in other fields
  • “Biodiversity”
    Development of established procedures to mitigate the loss of biodiversity and the re-establishment of ecosystem services (main focus continues to be on the support of the Natura 2000 areas) 
  • “Administrative practice and information in the environmental sector”
    Promotion of the transfer of knowledge, the spreading of established procedures and a better compliance with the provisions as well as awareness-raising campaigns.

The sub-programme climate policy covers the following fields of action:

  • Climate protection: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Adaptation to the climate change: Strengthening of the resilience vis-à-vis the climate change;
  • Administrative practice and information in the climate sector: Awareness-raising, communication, cooperation and spreading of measures on climate protection and on the adaptation to the climate change.

Eligible are public or private bodies, actors, and institutions such as national, regional, and local authorities; specialised agencies provided for by EU law, international organisations, and non-governmental organisations 

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Contact (EU)

Environment Directorate-General
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

Contact (Austria)

Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism
Directorate I/8

Gerhard Schwach
Stubenbastei 5
1010 Vienna

published at 30.10.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)