Fairness catalogue against unfair commercial practices

To fight unfair commercial practices the BMLRT prepared a fairness catalogue for Enterprises.

Europe’s agricultural policy faces great challenges, ranging from the impacts of climate change to tough international competition and the rapid progress of digitisation. It is vital that we join forces and pull together. For this purpose, relations in the agriculture and food sector should be fair all across the European Union. To ensure the potential and stability of the agricultural sector it is important that family farms are not exploited by significantly larger enterprises. Only if farmers get the backing they need will they be able to continue supplying people with high-quality food and to tend our unique cultivated landscape. Fair, safe conditions for family farms are something from which we all can benefit.

Fair system to fight unfair commercial practices

In the past, farmers often received only a small portion of the price that consumers paid in supermarkets. Without fair, inescapable rules it is too easy for large enterprises to exploit their negotiating power. This is why it is so important to put a stop to unfair commercial practices. The BMLRT works for a fair system in the agriculture and food sector which rewards farmers for quality and guarantees them a fair standard of living. Late payments, cancelling of orders at the very last minute and one-sided modifications of contracts should belong to the past.

The fairness catalogue is to help enterprises develop an understanding for fairer economic action. Markets where unequal power relations prevail may be more strongly affected by unfair trading. This may cause distortions of competition. Unfair trading practices include, for example, the prevention of trade, such as the refusal to deal or discrimination. Exploitation practices like the request of unreasonably low prices or the exploitation of monopoly positions are examples of unfair trading practices.

To allow anonymous information of the Federal Competition Authority concerning breaches of the Cartel Act (“Kartellgesetz”), a website for complaints has been established.

published at 11.04.2019, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)