Food is precious

Food is precious! Nevertheless about 157,000 tonnes of packed and unpacked foodstuffs and food waste are disposed of via the residual waste in Austria every year.

Food is precious! It is worth being handled carefully. Nevertheless considerable amounts are wasted or thrown away every day in Austria – in the course of harvesting, transport, storage, processing, and in consumption. Per household and year, food worth approximately EUR 300 is thrown away.

Only a very small portion of the foodstuffs that end up in trash should be there. Careful handling of food - in households as well as in food production, trade and restaurants - is an urgent necessity not only for financial reasons, but also for ethical and social considerations.

We need solutions in all these fields - so let's start up together!

“Food is precious!” is the BMLFUW’s initiative aimed at attaining, in close cooperation with the economy, with consumers, municipalities and social institutions, sustained prevention and reduction of food waste.

What we would like to achieve with the initiative:

  • Reduction of the avoidable food waste generated along the entire value chain.
  • Awareness-raising and sensitising for a responsible use of our food in order to attain a sustainable reduction of food waste in all areas of life. This will be implemented by means of intensive public relations work, school projects and cooperations with partners from the economy and society. The issue is to get a prominent and constant place on the political and social agendas. In public relations work, the initiative “Food is precious!” is to act as a forum and platform and as a connecting label. Communication focuses on the manifold examples of success and good ideas.
  • Promotion of processes and systems in the economy (food production, trade, restaurants etc.) that help sustainably reduce food waste. The initiative “Food is precious!” aims at developing and further developing such processes and systems in all segments of the economy.
  • Supporting projects for the handing out of food which is no longer required to people in need and social institutions.
  • Under the motto “Put the best examples in the limelight” prizes will be awarded for outstanding ideas and projects in all areas of life.

Food waste concerns us all! We all can make a contribution and make a stand against waste.

published at 17.05.2018, Kommunikation und Service (Abteilung Präs. 5)