• Energy efficiency

    In addition to promoting the use of renewable energy sources, one of the main strategies of Austria’s energy policy is to reduce the demand for energy, through sound use of energy and by improving the efficiency with which energy is employed.

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  • Energy strategy and policy

    Two global challenges facing the European Union as a whole and its Member States – and therefore Austria as well – have become increasingly apparent in recent years:

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  • European and International Energy Policy

    Safeguarding our standard of living presupposes smoothly functioning and reliable energy supply. Long-term supply of the population with energy and the associated costs and environmental effects largely dominate Austria's economic Efficiency.

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  • EU Energy Policy

    The Lisbon Treaty places energy policy in the focus of European Union activities.  The Lisbon Treaty provides it with the legal underpinning which was missing in preceding treaties (Article 194 of the treaty on the functioning of the EU).

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  • Bilateral energy relations

    Austria relies to a large extent on energy imports and at the same time exports significantly less energy to other countries. Ensuring the supply of sustainable and affordable energy in the long term is one of the key challenges of Austrian international energy policy.

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  • Multilateral energy relations

    In the framework of its multilateral energy policy, Austria works closely with international energy organizations to achieve secure, transparent, competitive and sustainable energy markets and energy systems. Find a selection of organizations based in and outside Austria below.

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  • Fuel Price Monitor

    Every week the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy publishes a comparison of fuel prices across the EU to increase market transparency and enhance competition. The prices of petrol and diesel-fuel in Austria are lower than the EU average.

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  • Gas and Electricity Price Monitor

    Energie-Control GmbH (e-control) offers as a service the Tariff Calculator.

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  • Energy Supply

    The future of Austria’s energy supply continues to depend on a combination of conventional and renewable energy sources as well as on power grids and gas networks with adequate capacities.

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