Direct marketing in Austria

Direktvermarktung - Eine Frau kauft ab Hof ihre Lebensmittel ein
Photo: BMLRT / Paul Gruber

Across Austria, around 46,000 holdings market their products directly on the farm. For these farmers, direct marketing is an indispensable source of income. But fresh produce from the region is becoming ever more important for consumers as well.

Three out of four Austrians would like to see food retailers offer a more extensive range of regional foods. Sixty-nine percent of Austrians already buy healthy, clean products that they are happy with. (INTEGRAL and T-Factory 'Mythos Regionalität' [Regionality Myth])

Direct marketing can be so much more than selling one's own produce on the farm or in a farm shop. Many holdings use farmer markets, online shops, offer delivery services or DIY harvests, supply resellers and/or restaurateurs or operate traditional wine taverns  and alpine buffets. The range of products available via direct marketing is wonderfully varied. For a holding to qualify for direct marketing it is required to process its own raw materials.

The most important point of contact for direct marketers is the quality programme Gutes vom Bauernhof (Good things from the farm). The initiative currently counts 1,700 registered holdings. The Gutes vom Bauernhof platform with its Schmankerl-Navi app – which locates markets, farm shops, direct marketers, traditional taverns and farmers racks in supermarkets across Austria that have dedicated farm product areas – offers consumers great service.

Culinary Network: An opportunity for direct marketers

The Culinary Network was launched to promote sustainable food production in the regions and more effectively incorporate these foods in the culinary cuisine. Over recent years, many different culinary initiatives have been kicked off in Austria. Some work alongside each other while synergies remain untapped. The Culinary Network aims to change this. It supports regional culinary initiatives and helps to develop them in a common direction. EUR 15 million will be made available for this purpose over the next few years.

Network strategy

Regional foods are all the rage at the moment, but a joint plan is needed to market them. This is the task the Culinary Network has taken upon itself. Ideas for the future of all things culinary come from the regions. In a broad-ranging process to develop a vision and strategy, workshops with around four hundred participants were held in all the Federal Provinces, providing the groundwork for the development of the strategy. The aim is to position Austria as THE culinary destination in Europe.

Common quality assurance

The starting point for common quality assurance is the first-ever harmonised, consistent and voluntary quality and traceability system with a joint marketing and sales strategy that caters to the approximately 46,000 direct marketers, 6,000 manufacturers and 60,000 restaurants. From production to retail, marketing, restaurants and hotels, all the partners along the value chain are involved.

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Culinary Network newsletter

The monthly newsletter published by the Culinary Network features not only projects and activities of the initiatives but also current special offers for direct marketers. Sign up now and keep up to date in all things culinary!

Culinary initiatives in the Federal Provinces

Agricultural holdings can obtain information on culinary initiatives in several Federal Provinces and culinary projects in the region from the regional networking points of the Network for Regional and Culinary Initiatives. Check out the list of contacts in the Federal Provinces here: