Volunteering in Austria

Ehrenamtliche Helferin legt einem älteren Menschen die Hand auf den Arm
Photo: Pexels

Many people in Austria make a contribution for the society and for their fellow men as volunteers. What is meant by volunteering, where you can volunteer, and why these activities are so valuable, will be explained by this article.

Almost half of all persons in Austria are engaged in voluntary activities. The number of volunteers is high among women and men as well as among all age groups.

Honorary commitment or volunteering means that you regularly assist at an association, organisation or within the framework of neighbourhood assistance, or take over a function without getting money for it.

Volunteers make a contribution for the society and for their fellow men. In all villages and towns of the country they contribute to making people care for each other and to enriching social life. In particular in rural areas volunteering ensures important services, such as in the social sector, in sports, culture or in the field of education. Therefore volunteering is indispensable for our regions and for Austria as a whole.

You can volunteer for example in these fields:

  • Emergency and rescue services
  • Arts, culture, entertainment and leisure time
  • Environment, nature, and animal protection
  • Church and religious sectors
  • Social and health sectors
  • Political work and representation of interest
  • Civic activities
  • Education
  • Sports and movement

Why volunteering is valuable

Volunteering is valuable for the society, but also for the volunteers themselves. Studies have shown that people who volunteer develop many skills. They learn for example to take over responsibility, to cooperate in a team, to organise and to communicate in a better way. This helps for example when you are looking for a job. Moreover, people find new friends by means of volunteering; strengthen their self-confidence and even their health.

At the same time all regions of Austria profit from this commitment. Many non-profit organisations, associations and initiatives could not do their work without the help of volunteers. This is indispensable for Austria and enriches the co-existence in our society.