AMA (Agricultural market Austria) – Legal bases

Antragsformular der Agrarmarkt Austria
Photo: Agrarmarkt Austria

The legal bases of the institution "Agrarmarkt Austria" can be found in the AMA Act of 1992.

Under the AMA Act 1992 a (“AMA-Gesetz 1992“) legal entity under public law named "Agrarmarkt Austria" (AMA) was established. A constitutional provision determines that tasks that were allocated to AMA under federal law or ordinance can, as a rule, be executed directly by AMA as a federal authority.

AMA’s tasks include in particular

the administration of support under the Common Agricultural Policy (Paying Agency)

handling of the agricultural marketing

central market and price reporting

The AMA Act specifies the bodies, the provisions regulating the payment of contributions to promote agricultural marketing as well as the applicable procedural provisions. It also provides the legal basis for the execution of the agricultural marketing tasks by AMA-Marketing GmbH.

For detailed information, see the homepage of AMA.